3C Multitool - One Device - Endless Applications


Endless possibilities - Create your own tool

The device is has a good grip without any surface modification by its own structure.
The application exchange is very easy. You just screw out your actual application and screw on your application you need.


"Light Kit" (black), screwdriver, stun gun flashlight & displayed examples

It is very handy and it is not to heavy. This prototype version is made out of steel and has the most weight. There will be stainless steel versions also for medical or for underwater applications. Also non metal consumer and charger applications for wireless charging and communication through air or under water.


Hardware tool examples "Screwdrivers"

Charging and power supply

You can charge your device by simply plugging in a USB C charger cable.
You can take charged batteries with you, if you´re outdoor without charging possibilities for a longer time.
Or you can charge your device with a power bank or charger devices with free energy sources.
The device also works without batteries if needed or you wanna remote control the device over power supply.


Colored examples with USB C charger component

Charger applications

The actual charger application is a usb c protokoll device with a charger board for the 3.7V rechargeable battery. It comes with all the protections you need for the safety of the battery.
The next application in production will be a Qi wireless charger component. This wireless charging is not the most effective way of charging, but it has the advantages to charge simply by placing the device into a holder or put it on top of a charging device. This can be very usefull if your device is made for medicalunderwater or for rough situations, where you have to be sure there are no possibilities that something can enter your device and your device has to be waterproof.
The charger component is also upgradeable and customizable in case newer universal ports are available. Or you just simply want your own designed charger port for you personal needs.


Kitchen tool examples "Mixers"

Consumer applications

The spectrum of applications is a very wide field. The Starter Kit provides you with the "Light Edition" containing a flashlight and a green laser. The prototype for this demonstration contains no buttons.
The finished product will have buttons to control the lights in his functions, like intensitiy or tactical functions.


Colored "Void Maker Components" and black colored "Light Kit"

Void consumer components will be available, ready to develop your own application. It will support 3.3V@500mA and the battery source of 3.7V@>500mA with the current your battery supports.


There will be a socket for your desired source where you just simply plugin your application.
From here you can use the 3.3 or 3.7 source if you need to boost up to power your application.
For your wireless applications there will be a non metal version.
You can also customize your component by making a container that fits for your need and has the same thread connection.


Colored examples and raw steel version (bottom)

Application possibilities

Future applications will be available like a wireless charger, a screwdriver, a UV-Light, a stun gun, a mixer, a grindersensor application with wireless communicationunder water communication devices, voltage and current measurement devices and many more.

Anything you can imagine in your household, your workplace, your outdoor activities and more.
You can build up your own project for example using a sensors sending over long rage via wireless powered by a solar power bank or another power source.
The device is made by design and material to fit any circumstance to provide you with a stablelong lasting and secure performance.


Protection cover color examples


Starter Kit "Light Kit"

The starter kit contains

  • USB C Charger Component
  • Capacitor Component with recharcheable battery
  • LED-Flashlight Consumer Component
  • Green Laser Consumer Component
  • Optional colored or raw steel version


Starter Kit Box with black colored "Light Kit" prototypes


Powerfull green long range laser and 1W LED-Flashlight


Technical Data:

  • USB C Port with PD2.0/PD3.0 fast charging protocoll
  • overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short current protection for li-ion/polymer batterys
  • 18650 3.7V li-ion rechargeable battery
  • laser green, 532nm, 4mW
  • led flashlight, white, 1W
  • lenght = 15.6cm (6.14inch), diameter 2.5-3.0cm (0.98-1.18inch)
  • weight = 310g (10.93oz)


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